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The Man

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Duren The Man Bag

This bag is made from a special material called ``crinkle leather,'' which is made by slicing strong fibers of tanned leather to the thinnest thickness (0.5mm) that will leave a rough surface, and bonding aluminum foil to the back of the slices.

Series: THE MAN

Size: 11" W x 9" H x 5" D

Country: Made in Japan

Material: Cowhide, non-designated fiber (aluminum foil) (tricot)

Model: DUR-MA014

We recommend that you carry it on your back, with the handle long enough to give you the best look. We hope that you will enjoy the simple-is-best design that is held in place by just one magnet, and the wrinkles, sagging, and aging caused by the beauty of the blank spaces and the influence of the aluminum foil. 

Also, like the detailed behavior of men's clothing (the number of shirt buttons to fasten, how to roll up the arms, etc.), there are stickers that can be used such as holding the belt with the belt off, hiding the cover inside, or holding it in a deformed manner. You can also paste or doodle on it. It is an item that makes it easy to express the user's individuality.

It comes in a size that is easy for women to use and comes with a shoulder strap.

- Be careful when handling crinkle leather -
Crinkle leather is processed with a special leather. Due to the nature of the material, the color and wrinkles will vary depending on the part of the product. Avoid bending or twisting the product excessively. This may cause accelerated deterioration.

・Color may transfer to other clothing if it gets wet from rain or sweat or due to friction. If it gets wet, remove the moisture by gently pressing it with a soft cloth, and be sure to dry it in the shade.
- Discoloration, fading, hardening, and loss of shape due to exposure to water or long-term use are inevitable.
・When cleaning the leather part, please use a leather-specific cleaner.
When storing, please store it in a dry and cool place.

The Man



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